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The Earth

Our planet is the third in the Solar System and it is the only one that can support life. The figure shows a geologically varied planet: the low area that starts from the centre and extends towards the right represents an ocean, a vast expanse of water. The parts in relief, a little above and a little below the centre, are areas of land submerge out of water.

The Earth’s radius is almost 6400 kilometres and it is 150 million kilometres from the Sun, which corresponds to about 300 billion footsteps.

The average surface temperature of Earth is 20° Centigrade. It takes 365 days to revolve around the Sun, while it takes 24 hours to complete one rotation around itself.

All these characteristics have made our planet the only one in the Solar System where life has developed.

The Moon is the Earth’s only satellite and it is the only extraterrestrial body that man has set foot on.

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