"The Sky at your Fingertips" is aimed at visually impaired users of all ages, who wish to set off on a fascinating journey among the planets, comets and galaxies and discover the wonders within the Universe.

On each page there is an image that has been converted into a format that can be touched, followed by a piece of text. A Braille printer is needed to print the image on special paper or plasticized paper, while the text can be listened to with a normal vocal synthesizer. However, to solve any technical problems or for further information write to stelle@oapd.inaf.it.

In order to give a precise idea about the greatness of the distances of the celestial bodies, we have added some new measurements to the traditional ones: within the Solar System we have used the number of footsteps necessary to cover that distance, based on the assumption that two footsteps correspond to one metre. As the distance is even greater for the objects outside the Solar System we have calculated only in some cases the time it would take a person to walk non-stop to cover such a distance, based on the assumption that, on average, a person can walk almost 4 kilometres in one hour.

Happy navigating!

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