Image jupiter


Jupiter is the fifth planet in our Solar System. It is named after the Greek God of Olympus because it has the greatest mass and it is the biggest planet.

It is one of the giant gaseous planets and, as with all planets made of only gas, it doesn’t have a solid surface but, simply speaking, the gaseous matter becomes denser and denser as you travel from the surface to the centre which is probably solid.

Jupiter is 5 Astronomical Units from the Sun, about 1500 billion footsteps.

The figure shows how the planet’s appearance is characterized by parallel bands of different widths that wrap themselves around it. These bands are cloud systems that are pushed by strong winds in a parallel direction to its equator, the winds can reach a speed of over 600 km per hour. The winds blow in opposite directions to the two adjacent bands.

As well as the bands there are also vortices and irregular spots. The biggest vortex, known as "The Great Red Spot", can be seen on the bottom right of the figure. It is an enormous atmospheric vortex, it has an elliptic shape and is 25000 km long and about 12000 km wide. Other smaller vortices can be found along other bands of clouds.

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