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SERVICE MODE   (Last update  : 2009 May 25 )

At the Asiago 182cm telescope a number of programs require observations in Service Mode. These observations will be performed by staff observers during dedicated nights (see schedule ). In order to perform the observations in SM the PI, after allocation of the observing time, is requested to provide the following information on the requested observations:

  • Name and coordinates of targets
  • Finding charts
  • Instrument setup (filters/grism/slit)
  • Exposure times
  • Other additional information useful for the proposed observation.


    SM_1 La massa dei quasar di redshift medio alto (PI: D. Trevese)     
    SM_16 Search for rapid variations in Narrow line Sy 1 galaxies. (PI: P. Marziani )
    SM_18 Detailed study of the physics of nearby Supernovae. (PI: S.Benetti)     
    SM_31 Revealing the Nature of INTEGRAL Hard X-ray Sources.  (PI: N.Masetti )  
    SM_33 Limits on Galactic Structure from Short-period Mira Variable stars.   (PI: T. Sakamoto )
    SM_38 Halpha and IR Spectra of Be stars - Gaia ground support.   (PI: P.Koubsky )
    SM_40 The spectroscopy of the galactic eclipsing binaries with a Type II Cepheid components.   (PI: E.Sipahi )


    SM_2 Follow-up di candidati BL-Lac radio quieti (PI: R. Nesci)  
    SM_3 Recalibration of the Log (MBH)-MR relation for nearby inactive galaxies. (PI: D. Bettoni)
    SM_4 Monitoraggio spettroscopico di V838 Monocerotis (PI: U. Munari)   
    SM_5 Ricerca di alterazione acquosa su asteroidi Troiani (PI: M. Lazzarin)
    SM_6 Hunting the nature of the Ultraluminous X-ray Source NGC4168-X1 (PI: L. Foschini)   
    SM_7 Fotopolarimetria di asteroidi (PI: S. Fornasier)       
    SM_8 Spectral Variability of radio loud AGN (PI: M. Calvani)
    SM_9 CCD imaging of HFP radio sources. (PI: D. Dallacasa)
    SM_10 Photometry of galaxies in IRAS survey. (PI: D. Bettoni)
    SM_11 Follow-up CCD observations of a suspected dwarf galaxy (PI: E. Held)
    SM_12 Looking for the origin of large scale wind structures in OB supergiants (PI: T. Morel)
    SM_13 A search for N in comets. (PI: C. Barbieri)
    SM_14 Color images of Messier objects. (PI: F. Boschi )
    SM_15 Spectroscopic observations of 2867 Steins .(PI: S. Fornasier )
    SM_17 Planetary nebulae: doubling of the galactic sample. (PI: F. Sabbadin )
    SM_19 Multiwavelength monitoring of the BL Lac AO 0235+164. (PI: C.M. Raiteri )   
    SM_20 3-D shape and shaping of expanding nebulae.(PI: F. Sabbadin )
    SM_21 Investigation of Giant Radio Galaxies.(PI: J. Machalski )     
    SM_22 Crab spectroscopic imaging.(PI: A. Cadez )
    SM_23 Detailed 3-D Ionization Structure of Two Cataclysmic Remnants. (PI: F. Sabbadin)
    SM_24 Catalogo Fotometrico UBVRI di Stelle Simbiotiche. (PI: U. Munari)   
    SM_25 Supermassive Black Holes and Their Host Galaxies.(PI: R. Decarli )     
    SM_26 The Asteroid 11264  (PI: C. Maccone )
    SM_27 Solving a 30yr old star mistery  (PI: Y. Naze )    
    SM_28 Monitoraggio spettroscopico di novae recenti e V838 Mon.   (PI: U. Munari )      
    SM_29 Classificazione spettrale di nuclei di galassie   (PI: V. Casasola )
    SM_30 Spectrophotometric Investigations of FBS Late-M, AGB Stars in GH   (PI: C. Rossi )   
    SM_32 Monitoring the Variability of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies   (PI: S. Ciroi )
    SM_34 Metodo Baade-Wesselink applicato alla stella H254 in IC348   (PI: V. Ripepi )
    SM_35 A search for pairs of bright quasars.   (PI: R. Decarli )
    SM_36 Extending the Milky Way rotation curve beyond 20Kpc.   (PI: C. Rossi )
    SM_37 UV Photometry of the Galactic Clusters NGC6791, NGC6819 and NGC7142.   (PI: L. Buson )
    SM_39 Spectrophotometric study of GR290 and other Luminous Blue Variables in M33.   (PI: R. Viotti )

    Miscellanea Observations

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