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A complete list of Technical Reports for the Cima Ekar telescopes and their instrumentation is here reported. Where a downloadable version of the document is unavailable, a request for a paper copy can be made directly to the authors.

A simple method for reduction of Echelle spectra by IRAF (PDF version)
 T. Iijima - 2010- Technical report n° 24

Rewritable focal plane masks for MOS (PDF version)
 A. Bianco, C. Bertarelli, E. Giro, E. Molinari - 2005- Technical report n° 23

The Echelle E2V CCD47-10 CCD (PDF version)
 H. Navasardyan, M. D'Alessandro, E. Giro - 2004- Technical report n° 22

The AFOSC Tektronix TK1024 CCD testing procedures (PDF version)
 H. Navasardyan - 2003- Technical report n° 21

First tests with VPH grisms for AFOSC (PDF version)
E. Giro, C. Pernechele, S. Desidera, V. Chiomento, A. Frigo, L. Traverso,
E. Molinari, P. Conconi, G. Crimi, A. Bianco - 2002
- Technical report n°20

Characterization of the 67/90 Schimdt Telescope CCD (PDF version)
R.U. Claudi, G. Pignata, D. Strazzabosco, G. Bonanno, M. Belluso, P. Bruno, A. Calì,
R.Cosentino, M.C. Timpanaro, S. Scuderi - 2002
- Technical report n°19

AFOSC Polarimeter (PDF version)
E. Giro, C. Pernechele - 2001- Technical report n°18

Cima Ekar Meteo Data Handling and Distribution (PDF version)
D. Fantinel, E. Giro, R. Passuello  - 2001- Technical report n°17

The AFOSC Control System (PDF version)
D. Fantinel, E. Giro  - 2001- Technical report n°16

The CCD Camera Controller at the 182 cm (PDF version)
M. D'Alessandro, D. Fantinel, E. Giro  - 2001- Technical report n°15

The new 150 ln/mm Cross-Disperser for the Echelle+CCD Spectrograph (PDF version)
U. Munari, T.V. Tomov, L. Tomasella- 1998 - Technical report n°14

First Results of the Ekar Observatory Meteorological Station (PDF version)
R.U. Claudi, D. Fantinel, E. Bozzato, L. Contri, G. Martorana - 1997 - Technical report n°13

The Astronomical Observatory of Asiago Archiving System (PDF version)
A.Baruffolo, R. Falomo, L. Contri - 1997 - Technical report n°12

Ekar Meteorological Station: Data Acquisition and Archiving (PDF version)
R.U. Claudi, D. Fantinel, E. Bozzato, L. Contri, G. Martorana - 1997 - Technical report n°11

Spectral Atlas 1.22 m telescope prism spectrograph Camera IV + CCD
B.F. Yudin, U. Munari, T. Zwitter- 1995 - Technical report n°10

Atlas for the Neon-Iron lamp 1.22 m telescope prism spectrograph Camera VI + CCD
T.V. Tomov, U. Munari - 1995 - Technical report n°9

The 182 cm Telescope B&C Spectrograph: Three useful Experimental Relationships (PDF version)
R.U. Claudi, L. Contri - 1995 Technical report n°8

Focus of the "Copernico" Telescope B&C Spectrograph
R.U. Claudi, D. Fantinel, L. Contri, A. Frigo - 1995 - Technical report n°7

The Setup Operation of the "Copernico" B&C Spectrograph
D. Fantinel, R.U. Claudi - 1995 - Technical report n°6

The new handling system of the "Copernico" Telescope
V. Chiomento, L. Traverso - 1994 - Technical report n°5

9500-3200 Å atlas for the Asiago Echelle + CCD spectrograph
U. Munari, T. Zwitter - 1994 - Technical report n°4

CCD Data Acquisition system for the "Copernico" Telescope (PDF version)
A. Baruffolo, M. D'Alessandro - 1993 - Technical report n°3

Manuale del nuovo sistema di acquisizione del telescopio Copernico
G. Cremonese, R.U. Claudi, D. Fantinel - 1993 - Technical report n°2

Atlas of the Fe-Ar lines for the B&C Spectrograph
R.U. Claudi, G. Cremonese - 1993 - Technical report n°1