How to reach the Observatory

casa del monizioniere-Torretta ottocentesca dell'orologio

Torretta '800 (Photo A. Satta)

  • By Car
    • Milano-Venezia Highway (A4)
    • Bologna-Padova Highway (A13)
    Follow the roadsigns to the center of the city and  Prato della Valle. See the map to reach the Astronomical Observatory.

  • By Train (see the italian railway website Trenitalia)
    To reach the Astronomical Observatory from the Padova railway station:

  • by taxi
    taxi cabs in front of the railway station ( Radiotaxi Padova). The trip is around 10 minutes.
  • by bus
    bus stop in front of the railway station (APS Holding), tickets have to be purchased at the ticket office. Bus n° 12 (direction Tencarola or Selvazzano) or bus n° 18, bus stop in via P. Paoli (after "Prato della Valle"). Turn to via S. Alberto Magno to reach the Specola tower. The trip is around 20 minutes.
  • on foot
    see the map. The trip is around 30 minutes.

    To reach Padova:

  • by bus + train: reach the Mestre-Venice railway station by bus ATVO Fly Bus or ACTV bus n° 15; see the timetable from AEROPORTO (Airport) to STAZIONE FS (Railway station), feriale (weekday) or festivo (holiday). Take a train to Padova (Trenitalia). The trip is around 30 + 20 minutes.
  • by shuttle: there is an Air service (Coop. Radiotaxi Patavina) with a collective minibus at the cost of 30 €. Book 24 hours in advance by e-mail (
  • by coach (SITA): in the timetable select TESSERA AEROPORTO (Airport) as departure (Fermate di Partenza) and PADOVA AUTOSTAZIONE (bus station) as arrival (Fermate di Arrivo), select the travel day (Data di viaggio) and then click on CORSE DI ANDATA. To reach the Observatory from the bus station located in piazzale Boschetti see the map.

Maps of Padova

Highway access

Map of Padova