OAPd researchers and technologists participate with their specific expertise in several feasibility (aka "Phase A") studies for future instrumentation and telescopes, to help develop optimized concepts for the science they're intended to perform.

The early involvement in these projects ensure that OAPd researchers will have a privileged access to the resulting instruments once they will become operational, and that will acquire the know-how to best exploit their scientific output.

The feasibility studies in which OAPd is currently involved include: EPICS, a "planet hunter" instrument for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), PLATO, a candidate ESA mission for exoplanets detection and characterization and for astereoseismology, the multi-conjugate adaptive optics module for the E-ELT and the European Solar Telescope (EST), a proposed, large aperture (3-5m) telescope for the study of the Sun.

Past studies