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The group "Catch the Stars in the Net!" has been involved since 1997 in education and e-Learning activities, addressed to young people and schools.
Our experience in education has steadily grown thanks to the collaboration with teachers and learning experts, such as the staff of Planetarium of Bologna Municipality.

Some dissertation thesis about education and e-Learning have been carried out in the past years, in collaboration with schools and teachers.

All these activities led some years ago to the realisation of a Web site entirely dedicated to learning, www.polare.it.
In this site are presented all our experiences in the field; it provides teachers with materials, suggestions, Astronomy courses and documents. Some of these materials are available also in English:

The Virtual Planetarium The Virtual Planetarium
Interactive online Astronomy course

The Virtual Planetarium was designed to provide children with a new tool for learning the basics of Astronomy. The course is amusing but rigorous at the same time: it provides teachers with several images, animations and examples, in order to reinforce children's knowledge.
Heavens above!

A K-8 Astronomy and Physics course
Heavens above
Heavens above! is made up of seven modules, designed for children of age 6-13. Each module is addressed to children of a given school year. The modules include teaching materials (sample cards for carrying out hands-on activities, samples of discussions, other sample sheets, etc.) and materials for students (evaluation cards, cards for instrument construction, etc.). All the files are in the PDF (Acrobat Reader) format.