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"Catch the Stars in the Net!" is a project of Astronomy education and outreach through the Internet, realised by professional astronomers of the Italian Institute for Astrophysics - Padua Astronomical Observatory.

We strongly believe in the importance of creating a basic scientific culture, especially in today's society, in which Science and Technology are gaining more and more weight.

In this connection, Astronomy could be a good way to interest people in Science, for the charming images of space telescopes and for the endless attraction of Man towards the Sky.

Since it was born in 1997, "Catch the Stars in the Net!" has continuously grown, both in contents and language, thanks to the experience acquired by the staff and to the collaboration with other experts and with the public itself.

The Web site of the project is just the manifest outcome of a long research and experimentation about outreach, education and languages to communicate Astronomy. Any Web surfer fond of the Sky, can find in it the answer to his questions, or useful materials to improve his knowledge.
Particular attention has been devoted to young people and students, both in the materials and in the language proposed. This Web site is suitable as a support for scholastic programs, and contributes to an effective and rational use of Internet in the classrooms.
Though the scholastic courses and programs are obviously different in each Country, we hope that our materials could be beneficial to teachers and students from all over the World.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!